Headshots for the cast of The Tempest

What a bunch of characters…

Cast Headshots

Tribe Headshots

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Another Tempest Treasure is Released Into the Wild!


Kurt Magoon was the first person to guess the location of the The Tempest as Red Arrow Park.

Thanks to everyone who played – and good guesses for downtown locations!

Watch for another copy of The Tempest to be released into the wild late next week.

(Original Message…)

Attention Optimistic Agents,

Another copy of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest has been released into the wilds of Milwaukee.  The person who retrieves it and RSVP’s will be invited to bring it along to the performance and have it autographed by Prospero himself, Mr. James Pickering*.

Your first clue…

X doesn’t mark the spot, but another well-known, downtown symbol.  FIERY ARR–IEL would know just where to look.

Your next clue…

Try not to get trampled by City Hall employees on break by coming between them and their buzz destination.

Also – if you can’t play in person, you can still WIN.  Chime in with your guess on where the book has been placed by  emailing me at SSFry@OptimistTheatre.org and I’ll tell you if you’re correct.

Happy Hunting!


Susan Scot Fry

*member of Actor’s Equity

Tempest Rehearsal Photos – Enjoy!

On the Optimist Theatre Facebook page (click HERE to go to the album) there’s a new mish-mash of photos from our first all-cast rehearsal on May 11 and from our rehearsal on May 18.  It’s only been a week and we’re still blocking The Tempest, but the tranformations are amazing and beautiful.

Jim Pickering* (Prospero) still makes me cry.  I just want to punch him in the arm.

Angela Iannone* (Ariel) is lithe, sleek and kicks major butt.  She IS an anime heroine.

I’m shocked that Jacque Troy (Antonio) isn’t always surrounded by men.  She’s got this primal magnetism.  I know, I know.  It’s called acting, but it still makes me dizzy.

Ken Williams (Stephano) and David Flores (Trinculo) also make me want to cry and punch them, but I can’t because my soul is rolling on the floor laughing and holding my aching side.

Tom Reed* (Caliban) is primal.  We’ll be chitchatting about something like cutting wood for the stage platform legs and seconds later, my skin is crawling with fascination as I watch and listen with awe.

The Lovers, Andrew Voss and Jocelyn Fitz-Gibbon — Neil Haven  — Stacy and Flora  –  The Tribe…  I have so much more to say, but will save it for another post.

And, the best Stage Manager in the world.  I miss my Sandy Wood, but Sandy, you’d be so proud of Melissa Wanke*.


Susan Scot Fry

5,000 Postcards Need a Good Home!

Hello Milwaukee and Environs!

We have 5,000 postcards hot off the presses and they’re looking for a home.  Do you know of any places in the Milwaukee area that display promo materials for upcoming arts events? Tickets are free, but we need to make sure people know it’s happening.

Also, if you would like a stack to distribute at your place of employment, please chime in. I’d love to get them to you.

And don’t forget to RSVP for yourself, soon. We’re already at 343 reservations and I want to make sure you Shakespeare in the Park fans get in.

Email me at SSFry@OptimistTheatre.org for postcards and to RSVP.

Thank you for your support.

Susan Fry

New YouTube Video: The Tribe

Presenting the first footage and interviews from rehearsals for The Tempest.  Click here to see The Tribe.

This is footage from our first two rehearsals.  About half of The Tribe are running through their first meeting, then sitting down and chatting about the experience of getting together and up on their feet as a group for the first time ever.  Spliced in is some footage from the first all-cast rehearsal.

The leaps in cohesion, expression and character for The Tribe are visceral from one rehearsal to the next.  It’s exciting to see and even more unimaginable to wonder what the audience will finally see in 5 short weeks.


Susan Scot Fry

It’s a Tempest Treasure Hunt!

Starting May 11, 2010, The Tempest will hit the streets of Milwaukee.  Literally.  Well, copies of the play will, at any rate.

Agents for Optimist Theatre will be releasing copies of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest into the wild in various places around Milwaukee.  Inside each paperback will be a letter personally inviting you to come see The Tempest, to bring the copy you just rescued with you and have it autographed by Prospero himself (aka Mr. James Pickering).

Watch for a release announcement and clues.  Happy treasure hunting!

A Preview: Ferdinand and Miranda

Wanted to share some recent photos we took of our Ferdinand and Miranda – aka Andrew Voss and Jocelyn Fitz-Gibbon.  The chemistry is amazing.

Click here to see the Facebook album.

I hope you get out to see it for yourself at The Tempest this June.


Community Outreach

Are you a member of …. Anything?  Church, social club, fraternal order, work-lunch-group…?  Whether your group does stuff as a group or as individual groupies, we’d love to invite them to come see The Tempest.  Contact Susan Fry at SSFry@OptimistTheatre.org for a flyer or e-invitation that you can share or present to your group.

RSVP’s to free Shakespeare in the Park are coming in, so don’t delay.  Get your first choice in date and performance time for your group.

Looking forward to seeing you!

It’s “Tempest” Night TONIGHT at “Spirits to Enforce”

Meet playwright Mickle Maher tonight at SPIRITS TO ENFORCE and stay afterwards for a post-show discussion. Also, tonight is “Tempest Night” with multiple people from Optimist Theatre’s summer production in attendance including Ron & Susan Fry (Directors), Tom Reed (Caliban), Jim Pickering (Prospero), Ken Williams (Stephano), Jacque Troy (Antonio) and others. Join us and Youngblood for this tempestuous evening of entertaining theatre! 8:00pm; $15

The reviews are also coming in fast and furious.  Visit the Youngblood Facebook page and see all the wonderful stuff reviewers are saying already.



Are you going to come see The Tempest?


Well, if the answer is obvious, then you need to become a Shakespeare in the Park Champion.

You see the value.  You understand how exciting and important this is.

Spread the word.

A Shakespeare in the Park Champion is an individual who not only raises their hand and says,” Yes! this is good and I’m going”  but also will commit to inviting at least one other human being who would not normally attend.

Consider your circle of friends, family and acquaintances.  Other than those you know would love the experience anyway, who can you invite?

Remember, it’s free!

There are several ways to be a Champion…

  • Tell them about the amazing cast and crew on board for The Tempest.  Send them to this link.
  • Forward the link to “How to RSVP” found here.
  • Arrange to go together.  Remember, it’s free!

We’d love it if you let us know so that we can thank you for your efforts, but don’t let that stop you.  Anyone can be a Shakespeare in the Park Champion at any time.

Together, we can bring free Shakespeare in the Park to our great community.

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