'I hoped for a program that kept the audience attention and that they leave feeling entertained. The program did that and more. The audience varied in ages and Ron tailored the program to bring each of us into full participation.  It was highly entertaining and at the same time had an important educational element of Shakespeare’s time and life.

Ron’s presentation seemed to channel directly from William Shakespeare. It felt as though one could not have scripted the flow any better.'

Marcy Gibbons, Delafield Public Library


'On a scale of 1-10, Ron's performance was an 11! I would highly recommend this program to any library or school where Shakespeare is on the curriculum. Ron brings the Bard to life.'

Elke Saylor, Muskego Public Library


This was a fantastic experience! This dovetailed well with our honors curriculum. I was thoroughly pleased. Divine! Delightful! Ron knew his material very well and how to keep a teenage audience captive. They were energized and excited. We would recommend the programme to other schools and organizations. We had a great time.

Jill Cook and Alice Rast Brookfield Central High Schoo


I have had ten years of higher education, and I have experienced five “true” teachers in that time, Ron being one of them.

Ron empowers the student and embraces their creations. I immediately get inspired and rejuvenated as a teacher after watching him instruct.

Brian Posen Theatre Faculty, Columbia College Senior Teacher, The Second City Improvisation Coach, Steppenwolf Theatre Producer, Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival


We loved it. The kids did, too. Great review of materials taught and new knowledge as well. Ron was very effective, very knowledgeable and related well to the high schooler. The students enjoyed it even though some were convinced they'd be bored. I’m certain that the students will remember the experience. Absolutely will recommend this program.

Kay Wege Winnebago Lutheran Academy

Mr. Fry is an educator with charisma who makes the learning process fun.

He has an ability to connect with children of all grade levels.

… innovative and educational.


… a person of great breadth of understanding for history, famous individuals, teaching, and acting.

In essence, we found him to be a “Renaissance Man”.

Joanie Mirsky Chairman Fine Arts Program Sherwood Elementary School Highland Park, Illinois

One of Ron’s greatest attributes is his ability to work with students and bring out strong performances within them.

Ron’s true talent lies in his role as performer. In this role he charms, entreats, and has boundless energy.

I can truly say that Ron Scot Fry’s talent is endless.

Rikki Kipple Executive Director Renaissance Entertainment Productions

I have only good things to say about the program! We’d love to have Ron back next year!

Christy Mullins New Community School


Ron is one of those rare people who can actually bring a distant time to life for his students.

Lynn Schofield Dahl Director Elkhorn Public Library



Ron Fry, as William Shakespeare, spent the day at Samuel Morse Middle School. He first encountered 250 seventh and eighth grade students in a large assembly format, engaging the students in the history and customs of the Elizabethan age. Duing the remainder of the day, he worked with class-sized groups of students, desling specifically with the texts of MacBeth and Romeo and Juliet. On his one break of the day, he came to my opera project class to talk with the students simply as Ron Fry, working actor.

I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from the teachers involved in this event. They are eager to have him return to Samuel Morse. Students entering my room after an adventure with him were excited and enthusiastic. One young man told me he “died four times, in four different ways!”. Other students said they could not wait to encounter their next Shakespeare play, asking me which they should take up on their own.

Of their day with Ron Fry, the teachers have said:
- Ron has a great way with children.
- He gets students and adults interested in and excited about Shakespeare.
- Certainly knows his subject.
- His eyes communicate to participants his sincere desire that each one succeed.
- Absolutely, always positive.
- Prompts students to seek out other works by Shakespeare.
- We can’t wait to have him work with our students again. We are seeking ways in which we can fund a longer visit.

It was a pleasure to work with Ron Fry and the students were privileged to work with him. I’d like to thank the Wisconsin Arts Board for their support of a talented, knowledgeable, compassionate performer.

Norma Mortimer Fine Arts Week Committee Samuel Morse Middle School Milwaukee, Wisconsin